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Increasing Risk of Nuclear War

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A recent report “recounting a litany of near-misses in which nuclear weapons came close to being launched by mistake concludes that the risk of potentially catastrophic accidents is higher than previously thought and appears to be rising” (The Guardian, April 29, 2014). “The report lists 13 instances since 1962 when nuclear weapons were nearly used… The Chatham House authors say the risks appear to be rising. Nuclear weapons are spreading—most recently to North Korea—and disarmament is stalling. Russia and the US still have an estimated 1,800 warheads on high alert, ready to launch between five and 15 minutes after receiving the launch order—a fact that becomes all the more significant with rising tensions over Ukraine” (ibid.). 

Most people who follow world news realize the world is not becoming a safer place. With unpredictable leaders in nations like North Korea and Iran, the specter of nuclear war looms ever greater. While Bible prophecy indicates the threat to annihilate all life on earth will arise at the end of the age, the return of Jesus Christ will prevent this from becoming a reality (Matthew 24:22).

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