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ISIS Threatens Every Jew

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“The brutal Islamic State (ISIS) terror group published a threatening video in Hebrew on Friday morning, intended for the Israeli public… the ISIS terrorist warns that ‘the true war hasn’t yet started, what you’ve experienced until now is a child’s war compared to what will happen soon. We promise you that not a single Jew will be left in the entire country... we are getting closer to you from every place…” (Israel National News, October 23, 2015). At a recent Swedish rally, Palestinian protestors led a chant that began: “Slaughter the Jews” (Israel National News, October 21, 2015). However, German chancellor Merkel renewed her nation’s pledge to protect Israel. “Israel’s security was and is a very important matter for every German chancellor—and so it will be in the future, too” (ynetnews.com, October 3, 2015). The EU also desires to act “as an increasingly indispensable player in efforts to solve the long-running Israeli-Palestinian conflict” (EU Observer, October 26, 2015).

As ISIS and other nations push against Israel, her pledged protectors, including Germany, will be forced to act. Bible prophecy indicates that at the end of the age, Arab or “southern” forces will push against Germany and Europe and “Beast” power armies from Europe will surround Jerusalem—initially to protect it, but eventually will trample upon it (see Daniel 11:40-43; Luke 21:20-24). It is just a matter of time until the “beast” arises and pushes back! For more insight into this ripening situation, read “Five Prophetic Signs for the Middle East.”