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Israel and Russia Clash

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Last Friday, Israeli jets bombed a Syrian military facility near Palmyra, where Russian troops and equipment are based, in response to what Israel views as a growing threat on its northern border with Syria, in the Golan (DEBKAfile, March 18, 2017). The attack also allowed Israel to debut a new missile defense system (ibid.). Following the bombing, the Israeli ambassador to Russia was summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry for a discussion. Two days later, an Israeli drone targeted Syrian militiaman Yasser Sayad outside a Golan town. He was apparently “on his way to join the Hizballah forces who are trampling Syrian rebel villages on the Hermon slopes to clear their path to the Golan” (DEBKAfile, March 20, 2017). The Israeli ambassador was again called to the Russian Foreign Ministry (ibid.). While the U.S. and Russia wage proxy wars in Syria, Israel exists just miles to the south and is apparently reacting to what it sees as a credible threat on its border. However, Israel’s direct engagement in the conflict and its resolve against Russian desires adds a new dimension to the conflict.

Where will this crisis end? Bible students realize that this current military entanglement will not, on its own, usher in the Great Tribulation. According to Scripture, there are many more events that must occur, and other world powers must become involved before Christ’s return. To learn more about events prophesied to occur in the world, and especially in the Middle East, be sure to read or listen to our powerful booklet Fourteen Signs Announcing Christ’s Return.