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Israel Appeals to the Pope

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As EU nations met in Wales to discuss the ISIS crisis in Iraq, former Israeli president Shimon Peres met with Pope Francis at the Vatican. Mr. Peres’ aim was to encourage the Pope to create “a ‘United Nations of Religions’ to counter the rise of religious extremism” (The Times, September 5, 2014). “Mr. Peres said a ‘United Religions Charter’ should be drawn up that made it clear in the name of all faiths ‘that cutting people’s throats, or committing mass killings, as we have seen in these weeks, has nothing to do with religion’” (ibid.). The Pope made no commitment to Mr. Peres, but later discussed the issue with King Abdullah of Jordan (ibid.). 

Although the Jewish former Israeli president asking the Catholic Pope for religious intervention in the world may sound surprising, it actually fits with Bible prophecies! Prophecy reveals that as the end of the age approaches, the Jews will reestablish religious sacrifices on the Temple Mount (Daniel 12:11)—an act that could lead to war if it happened today. Between now and the time Jewish sacrifices resume, some sort of action must occur to bring a temporary “peace” to the Holy Land. This interim peace will bring Arab nations together with Germany (see Psalm 83:5-8; Daniel 9:27). Apparently, for a short period of time, Jews, Christians and Muslims may all be allowed to worship on the Temple Mount before the end-time Beast power stops the sacrifices and sets up the abomination of desolation (Matthew 24:15; Daniel 12:11). A “United Nations of Religion” or something like it could be the tool that facilitates this prophesied event.

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