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Jordan Asks for U.S. Patriot Missile Defense

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Jordan is unique among the Muslim Arab nations in the Middle East due to its extremely close ties with the United States and peaceful working relationship with Israel. In fact, Jordan is one of the largest recipients of American military aid in the region (Reuters, October 29, 2023). Jordan is also the custodian of the Temple Mount located within the boundaries of Israel.

Like many in the Middle East, leaders in Jordan fear the war between Israel and Hamas could grow to engulf other nations in the region. Along its border with Syria, the kingdom of Jordan is also dealing with Iranian-backed extremist groups who are waging a drug war using drones. Such tensions have prompted Jordan to request Patriot missile defense systems from the U.S. to be stationed along its border.

Will Jordan remain an ally of the West and supportive of the U.S. and Israel? Some passages of Bible prophecy may suggest that, at the time of the end, the modern nation of Jordan in the region of ancient Moab will be a source of protection for Christians seeking to escape the coming Great Tribulation (Isaiah 16:1–4). The precise fulfillment of such prophecies remains to be seen. To learn more about the future of this unique kingdom in the turbulent Middle East, be sure to watch “Secret Rapture or Place of Safety?