Millions Are Starving!

News and Prophecy Staff
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Many have heard about the hundreds of thousands starving in South Sudan, the world’s youngest country. But few realize how this severe famine is impacting surrounding nations. According to a Vox report published on June 1, 2017, “South Sudan isn’t the only country in the region facing mass starvation. A potentially historic famine is also threatening Nigeria, Somalia, and Yemen. Far from Western eyes and far from the headlines, an estimated 20 million people in those four countries are at risk of dying due to a lack of food. The UN has already officially declared a full-fledged famine in parts of South Sudan and warned that the other three countries will suffer mass death from food and water shortages if ‘prompt and sustained humanitarian intervention’ doesn’t happen soon.” The report suggests that this famine is not due to drought, but rather, ongoing wars in the region.

This tragic state of affairs should concern anyone who has a heart. It also provides insight into how end-time prophecies will soon take place. The book of Revelation reveals that prior to Christ’s return, wars will lead to famine, starvation, and disease around the globe and will contribute to the deaths of one-quarter of mankind (Revelation 6:1-8)! Although the immediate future of humanity will be dire for a time, a better world will follow, ushered in by Jesus Christ Himself. For more about the real future of humanity and insight into the mysterious book of Revelation, read or listen to our informative booklet, Revelation: The Mystery Unveiled!