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Pope Greets Evangelicals: A New Brotherhood?

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During a meeting of Evangelical Pentecostal leaders organized by televangelist Kenneth Copeland, an engaging Evangelical Anglican Bishop (Tony Palmer) called for reconciliation and brotherhood between Evangelicals and Roman Catholics—pointing out that all “Christians” are catholic in the truest sense of the word (Catholic World News, February 21, 2014; YouTube, March 2, 2014). 

Mr. Palmer also declared that Luther’s revolt was over and there was no longer a need for a Protestant Church. Mr. Palmer then shared a video he made on his cell phone of Pope Francis, who addressed Mr. Copeland’s audience of charismatic leaders. The Pope spoke “the language of the heart” and called upon his Evangelical brothers to join him in the “Brotherhood of Christ” and put divisions of the past behind. He spoke about how Catholics and Evangelicals must cry together over past divisions and that their “tears will unite them” and he stated “the miracle of unity has begun.” (YouTube). Mr. Copeland ended the meeting by inviting his audience to join with him by praying “in the spirit” (speaking in tongues) for the Pope and for visible unity in the church (ibid.).

Bible prophecies have long foretold of the end-time reuniting of the Catholic Church with her Protestant daughters (Isaiah 47:7-8; Revelation 17:5). It is remarkable to see this process developing, initiated by the Pope himself. This process will grow and spread in the future. For more on this topic, read our article on "Who Is the Harlot of Revelation 17?"