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Rising Unrest Among Pacific Nations

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“Disputed territorial claims have turned the tensions between China and Japan into a favourite subject for a whole genre of futuristic fiction with writers seeing this as the spark that might set off a third world war in Asia” (BBC, May 2, 2015). According to some sources “Japan will abandon its pacifist constitution within four years under plans being pushed forward by the party of Shinzo Abe, the nationalist prime minister. The changes will alarm and infuriate many in east Asia who regard the constitution, which was drawn up by the occupying US forces and adopted after the Second World War, as a bastion against the resurgence of Japanese militarism… In practice, Japan’s so-called Self-Defence Forces (SDF) are one of the best-funded militaries in the world” (The Times, April 29, 2015).

Japan’s actions and also Mr. Abe’s recent visit to the U.S. have created more unrest in the Pacific region, especially in China (China Daily, April 29, 2015). Bible prophecy reveals that as the time of the end approaches, “wars and rumors of wars” will increase as “kingdom [rises] against kingdom” (Matthew 24:6-7). This prophecy appears to be playing out around the globe, especially in the Pacific region, as Japan re-militarizes, China expands its claims and influence, North Korea develops more nuclear capability, and South Korea feels increasingly alienated.

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