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Russian Orthodox Leader Predicts the End of History

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In recent statements, “the leader of the Russian Orthodox Church said… the world is on the brink of slipping into ‘the abyss of the end of history’” (Newsweek, November 21, 2017). He continued by warning his congregants that the coming end of the age—the apocalypse—is currently “visible to the naked eye.” However, this Russian cleric is not alone in his dire predictions. Recently, 15,000 world scientists gave a very similar warning in their “Letter to Humanity” (The Independent, November 13, 2017). Twenty-five years ago, this group issued the same type of warning, but today they say it is “far, far worse than it was in 1992.” They predict that “If the world doesn’t act soon, there [will] be catastrophic biodiversity loss and untold amounts of human misery.” What few realize today is that, regardless of the accuracy of these scientists’ specific predictions, an “end of history” echoes exactly what Bible prophecies have long foretold.

When Jesus Christ was on the earth, He actually listed observable “signs” that would mark the approaching “end of the age,” including wars and rumors of wars, nation rising against nation, severe famines, pestilences or diseases, earthquakes in various places—all of which are just the start of more difficult times ahead (Matthew 24:3-8). Jesus admonished His followers to “watch” world events so they will not be surprised when these events begin to happen (vv. 42-44). While terrible events have occurred down through history, students of the Bible can learn to recognize the specific signs that will precede the return of Christ—an event that will forever change the course of history. For a more detailed list of prophesied events to watch for, be sure to read or listen to Fourteen Signs Announcing Christ’s Return.