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Russia's Military Buildup and Support of Iran

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Responding to the NATO military buildup on its border, “Russia is to beef up its military forces all the way from its western border to the Pacific islands amid ongoing strains with the West, the military said Friday… As part of a response… new units… including two new divisions, will be formed. The military forces in western Russia will receive 1,100 new weapons systems, including warplanes, helicopters, tanks and other armored vehicles” (Associated Press, March 25, 2016). Russia also is delivering “S-300 surface-to-air missiles to Iran… The $800m (£562m) contract, signed in 2007, was frozen by Russia in 2010 because of the international sanctions. President Vladimir Putin unfroze it a year ago” (BBC, April 11, 2016).

The world appears to be dividing into three power blocs with the US, Britain, and a number of other Israelite-descended nations moving to the periphery. The Arab bloc has Egypt and Saudi Arabia taking the lead, a more streamlined European bloc has Germany at the center, and an eastern bloc includes Russia, a number of Asian nations including China, and possibly Iran. The Bible has long-foretold that a “king of the south,” a “king of the north” or “Beast,” and a group of “kings from the east” would dominate the world scene just before the return of Jesus Christ (Daniel 11:40-45; Revelation 16:12). We could be witnessing the emergence of these prophesied kings! For more on the end-time superpowers, read our booklet Revelation: The Mystery Unveiled.