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Spoiling God’s Creation

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According to a recent report, “Fish are being killed, and prevented from reaching maturity, by the litter of plastic particles finding their way into the world’s oceans… Some young fish have been found to prefer tiny particles of plastic to their natural food sources, effectively starving them before they can reproduce. The growing problem of microplastics—tiny particles of polymer-type materials from modern industry—has been thought for several years to be a peril for fish… Microplastics are near-indestructible in natural environments. They enter the oceans through litter, when waste such as plastic bags, packaging and other convenience materials are discarded. Vast amounts of these end up in the sea…” (The Guardian, June 2, 2016).

Long ago, God commissioned mankind (Adam and Eve) to take care of the earth and manage it appropriately (Genesis 1:26-28), but human beings have largely ignored this responsibility in favor of short-term monetary gain. However, the Bible indicates that God is going to render a judgment on this callous disregard of His creation (Revelation 11:18) and that He will put an end to the destructive exploitation of the earth and its creatures (Hosea 2:18; Romans 8:19-22). There is a time coming when humanity will learn to manage and take care of creation in the right ways. Can you imagine a world where creation is cared for as God intended? For a glimpse into this future world, read The World Ahead: What Will It Be Like?