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Strong Families and Job Success

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Many articles in the popular press pit family life against work success. But a new University of Georgia study found that those with a strong family life were better managers at work (Middle Georgia CEO, January 21, 2021). The new study “found that positive interactions with your child during your off hours can make you a better leader.” The study’s lead author observed that “leaders could be more effective because of their family life.”

The research found that managers with strong family lives had important leadership characteristics, such as showing consideration, providing assistance, and demonstrating concern for employees. These same attributes are seen in strong family interactions. The study suggested that if companies encouraged more employee-family interaction, it could benefit both the workers and the “bottom line” of their company.

This recent study highlights an important biblical principle. The Apostle Paul wrote that one of the qualifications for those ordained to leadership positions in the Church was that they should rule well in their own homes (1 Timothy 3:4, 12). Individuals who have good relationships with their family members not only set a good example for others, but also develop godly character traits that will enhance their leadership potential in their endeavors and responsibilities outside the home. God, in His wisdom, understood this principle long before any human study was devised to recognize its value. To learn more about successful family traits, read or listen to God’s Plan for Happy Marriage.