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Sunlight and COVID-19

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The new coronavirus has rapidly infected millions around the globe. Most efforts to control the spread of the virus have focused on handwashing, disinfecting surfaces, wearing masks, social distancing, and providing medical care. In the minds of many, the only hope for halting the virus is finding an effective medicine until a vaccine is developed. However, many simple, effective, and inexpensive protective steps one can take are seldom mentioned.

A recent study demonstrated that ultraviolet rays of sunlight “rapidly inactivated” the coronavirus on multiple test surfaces (Newsweek, May 22, 2020). Another study suggested a strong correlation between COVID-19 mortality rates and severe vitamin D deficiency (Medical Xpress, May 8, 2020)—a condition associated with lack of sufficient time outdoors and exposure to sunlight (ScienceDaily, March 9, 2020). Dietary sources of vitamin D include eggs, milk, cheese, and fish. Vitamin C is also a vital nutrient that aids in protecting against infections, especially in physically active individuals (“Vitamin C and Infections,” Nutrients, April 2017). It can be obtained naturally from citrus, cantaloupe, berries, mangoes, papaya, broccoli, and potatoes. And moderate physical exercise, especially outdoors, can strengthen the immune system and aid the body in fighting infections.

While it is important to prevent transmission of the coronavirus, let’s not forget that vital nutrients like vitamins C and D, exposure to sunlight and fresh air, and regular physical exercise also play key roles in strengthening one’s immune system and reducing the risk of infection. To provide you with more information about practical Bible-based steps you can take to promote health and prevent disease, Tomorrow’s World is releasing a brand-new, free booklet this summer entitled Biblical Principles of Health. If you are a Tomorrow’s World magazine subscriber, keep an eye on your mailbox for a personal invitation to receive this new resource!