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Surge in Great Earthquakes

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Last week an 8.1 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of southern Mexico, killing at least 90 and destroying thousands of homes—filling streets with crowds of mourners (Aljazeera, September 10, 2017; The Guardian, September 8, 2017). The quake in Mexico was one in a string of “great” earthquakes (magnitude 8 and above) to strike in recent decades. In the last 100 years, there have been 85 “great” earthquakes worldwide. Fifteen have occurred in the last ten years alone and 25 have occurred in the last 20 years (, Sept 11, 2017; NBC News, October 25, 2014). Some experts have noted this “surge” in great quakes, while others believe it is just part of a natural cycle. However, the meteorology director at Weather Underground has commented, “Nature’s gone crazy” (Denver Post, September 9, 2017).

Bible prophecies clearly state that as we approach the end of the age, we should expect to see increasing numbers of “great” earthquakes (along with other natural disasters). Three different gospel writers reported Christ’s warning that “earthquakes in various places” would be one of several signs indicating the “beginning” of the end of the age (Matthew 24:7; Mark 13:8; Luke 21:11). These disasters will bring untold human suffering—but they will happen for understandable reasons.  For more insight into coming disasters, be sure to read “Why Earthquakes?