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Terror in France

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Last week’s terrorist shooting of 17 civilians in Paris shocked France and the world (FoxNews, January 11, 2015). Following this tragedy, 40 world leaders joined 3.7 million people in rallies in Paris and throughout France on Sunday in a show of solidarity against terrorism (CNN, January 11, 2015). On Monday, a 10,000-strong security force was created to mobilize across France, with nearly 5,000 designated to protect Jewish schools and synagogues (BBC, January 12, 2015). Leading his nation through the tragedy, French President Hollande stated, “These are tense times. In the last few weeks we have foiled several terrorist plots, and we have known we were threatened, like other freedom-loving countries, and it is for precisely this reason we are targets. Because we are a free country we can overcome these men of violence and punish them for their crimes. No-one can be allowed to think they can get away with such things in France, and strike at the heart of republican values through one of its pillars, an independent press” (Euronews, January 7, 2015). 

God warned ancient Israel and the modern Israelite-descended nations (of which France is one), that “terror” would come upon nations that turn away from Him (Leviticus 26:14-16). God also warned that the leaders of these nations will heal the hurt of the people in a “superficial” way by creating false hopes of “peace” when peace does not exist (Jeremiah 6:13-14). While many leaders today mean well with their “encouraging” comments, the real solution to terrorism involves learning to live by the laws of God outlined in the Bible (Psalm 119:165).

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