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Tragedies in Germany May Push Home Deployments

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“The German 18-year-old who killed nine people at a Munich shopping centre on Friday night was obsessed with mass killings, owned a book on US school shootings and played computer shooting games. Most of his victims were fellow teenagers” (The Guardian, July 24, 2016). In “the fourth act of violence by men of Middle Eastern or Asian origin against German civilians in a week,” a Syrian man “blew himself up in southern Germany, wounding 15 people” after he “had pledged allegiance to Islamic State on a video found on his mobile phone” (Reuters, July 25, 2015). “Following the Munich shooting on Friday, politicians are debating how to prevent, or better handle, attacks on civilians. The controversial issue of deploying soldiers within the country has again been brought up… Germany’s constitution, drawn up in the aftermath of World War II, places strict limits on the use of the military… within the country’s borders.” According to the Bavarian Interior Minister, these restrictions are now “obsolete” (Deutsche Welle, July 25, 2016).

Although Germany’s constitution was written to prevent another Hitler-type leader from arising in the nation, Bible prophecy reveals that a strong leader—referred to as “the beast”—will arise in Europe and even blaspheme God as he leads his people (Revelation 13:1-10). Prophecies indicate this individual will likely arise in modern Germany. Current events are paving the way for these prophecies to be fulfilled. For more on this sobering future, be sure to read “Will Germany Have a Fourth Reich?