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U.S. Launches Cyber-Attack on Iran

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In response to Iran’s downing of an American surveillance drone in international waters, the United States launched a cyber-attack on Iranian weapons systems, including their missiles and rockets (The Guardian, June 22, 2019). The attack had apparently been planned for weeks and was first conceived in response to the suspected Iranian attack of two international oil tankers near the Strait of Hormuz.

The cyber-attack is also viewed as a response to ongoing cyber-attacks on U.S. targets, including federal agencies, by Iran and its proxies. Since the downing of the drone, many have worried that a “hot war” between the U.S. and Iran could erupt, and as rhetoric between American and Iranian officials continues to escalate, concerns that a real armed conflict could break out have grown. Iran has warned that if a hot war begins, it could engulf the entire Middle East (Times of Israel, June 22, 2019). At the time of this writing, the U.S. and Russia are planning to meet in Israel to discuss the Iranian situation and Russia has vowed to protect Iran’s interests (Times of Israel, June 22, 2019).

While the increasing friction between the U.S., Iran, and other nations of the Middle East is troublesome, it should not be surprising. Bible prophecy warns that as the end of the age approaches, tensions in this region will continue to increase! The tensions will eventually lead to the emergence of what the Bible calls “the king of the south.” This military and political entity will attempt to unify many Islamic Arab nations and will clash with a coming “king of the north” (Daniel 11:40–44). The Middle East will be the center of many world-changing events in the years to come. For more insights into the coming king of the south and the future of the Middle East, be sure to read or listen to The Middle East in Prophecy.