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War Against the Pope?

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In a unique twist of irony, Pope Francis is loved by many outside of the Catholic church, yet some of his most vehement critics come from within his own group of leaders (The Guardian, October 27, 2017). One prominent priest recently stated in an interview, “We can’t wait for him to die. It’s unprintable what we say in private. Whenever two priests meet, they talk about how awful Bergoglio [Pope Francis] is… he’s like Caligula: if he had a horse, he’d make him cardinal.” Nearly a quarter of the College of Cardinals believe the pope is “flirting with heresy” in several doctrinal areas, including homosexuality, marriage and divorce. “The present crisis is the most serious since the liberal reforms of the 1960s spurred a splinter group of hardline conservatives to break away from the church.”

However, Bible prophecy reveals that the end-time leader of the Catholic church will be closely connected to a European beast power (Revelation 13:12). He will perform deceptive signs and wonders and cause all the world to worship the beast (Revelation 13:12-14). A deceptive religious leader will be emboldened to powerfully support the coming European beast and to deceive many on earth. For more information on this future world-changing figure, be sure to watch “Who Is the Prophesied ‘Man of Sin’?