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When Currencies Die, So Do Nations

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Pakistan’s rupee may be in its death throes. What was once a strong currency has been falling against the U.S. dollar for years and is performing poorly among a large group of peer nations, a drop intensified by the recent rise of the U.S. dollar and internal political strife (Jerusalem Post, July 25, 2022). South Asia political analyst Michael Kugelman notes that “Pakistan’s economy is at a near breaking point,” and that hope of successful international intervention is weakened by the political instability of the nation.

The current state of the Pakistani rupee provides a sobering insight into the coming decline of the currencies and currency replacements of the Israelite-descended nations. While the U.S. dollar is currently enjoying a peak of strength, helping to protect Americans against some of the worst effects of the global inflation, Bible prophecy indicates that, at the end of the age, scarcity will explode, currencies and nations will decline, and even gold and silver won’t work as a tool to buy sufficient food and goods (Ezekiel 7:14–19). Human beings will no longer be able to rely on riches and possessions as they learn the sobering lesson that it is Christ who strengthens us, not ourselves, our governments, or our possessions (Philippians 4:13).

Watching other nations and situations can help us see how God may fulfill these ancient Bible prophecies. As we look around the globe, we can begin to realize why Jesus Christ must return to the earth to save mankind from itself (Matthew 24:22). It is only through His return and wise leadership that the earth will finally experience the abundant blessings and peace that God intends for all human beings made in His image. To learn more, read or listen to “Looming Financial Woes.”