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Where Will Islamic Strife Lead?

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“Saudi Arabia’s King Salman promised on Sunday to punish those responsible for the recent suicide attack at a Shiite mosque in the country’s east—a rare occurrence in the kingdom. Salman decried the ‘heinous terrorist attack’ that runs counter to Islamic and human values” (Deutsche Welle, May 24, 2015). “Riyadh has sworn to seek out the roots of terrorism in Saudi Arabia and destroy them… After claiming responsibility for the attack, IS warned that more ‘black days’ would follow for the nation’s Shiites” (ibid.).

The aggressive actions by the Islamic State are generating a strong backlash from Saudi Arabia, Egypt and other Muslim nations in the Middle East. For years, this Work has stated that the “king of the South” mentioned in Daniel 11:40-43 will be a coalition of Arab-Muslim states located geographically south of Jerusalem. The rise of the Islamic State and its barbaric atrocities could be one of the catalysts that will lead to the emergence of the “king of the South.”

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