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Will Germany Reinstate Military Conscription?

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In 2011, while she was Germany’s chancellor, Angela Merkel phased out military conscription. At that time, there was no perceived need to maintain a large military force. Now, German military chiefs are calling for a return to conscription, and the current defense minister, Boris Pistorius, has called the Merkel-era phase-out “a mistake” (The Guardian, February 9, 2023). Pistorius also sees military conscription as a way to increase “social acceptance of armed forces in German society.” Germany is experiencing staff shortages in its military at a time when conflict in Europe is heating up. In contrast to the need for a draft seen by some, other governmental officials are skeptical. They note that a professional army with career personnel is more efficient and effective than training conscripts to serve for only a matter of months.

Regardless of whether Germany decides to resume a regular military conscription or chooses to put greater effort into building military readiness through a professional army, Germany and its neighbors are experiencing increasing pressure from the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and other regional threats. The Ukraine conflict could easily spill over into neighboring nations, and Germany and its neighbors have already signaled their desire to take further steps toward building both defensive and offensive military capability. End-time Bible prophecy clearly shows that a future German-led beast power will wield significant military force and will use that force in future conflicts. To learn more about Germany’s future on the world stage, be sure to watch “Four Prophecies for Germany.”