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Will Poland Leave the EU?

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With Boris Johnson’s recent landslide victory, many in Britain and in the parliament of the European Union expect Brexit to happen in January 2020. Many EU supporters have also expressed concerns that if Britain leaves, other nations will follow. Now, EU leaders fear that recent Polish court actions could lead to Poland’s exit from the EU, following Britain’s example.

Since coming to power, Poland’s Law and Justice Party has made judiciary reforms, claimed by some to make the court system more efficient. However, Poland’s supreme court recently noted, “Contradictions between Polish law and EU law... will in all likelihood lead to an intervention by the EU institutions regarding an infringement of the EU treaties, and in the longer perspective (will lead to) the need to leave the European Union” (Jerusalem Post, December 17, 2019). “Moves by Hungary and Poland to bring their courts and media under tighter state control have led the European Commission… to begin rule-of-law investigations that could in theory lead to a suspension of their EU voting rights.” At this point there is no mechanism for the EU to expel a member nation. Donald Tusk, a former EU Council president and former Polish prime minister, recently observed, “We [Poland] are leaving the EU step by step. It’s not an exaggeration. This departs from all the norms on which the European Union is built” (EU Observer, December 19, 2019).

Currently the EU consists of 27 member states (minus the soon-to-depart U.K.). Bible prophecy reveals that at the end of the age, the European “beast” power will consist of ten kings who give their power over to the “beast” (Revelation 17:12–18). Students of Bible prophecy should watch for the emergence of ten kings or leaders in Europe—potentially a much smaller configuration than we see in the current EU. For more details on this subject, be sure to read “Europe—Building a Beast.”