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Will the Migrant Crisis Push a Strongman in Germany?

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel is becoming increasingly unpopular in Germany due to her handling of the migrant crisis. “A newly published survey found that almost 40 percent of Germans are so angry with Chancellor Angela Merkel’s refugee policy that they want her to resign… At the same time, 45.4 percent of voters for the left-wing Die Linke party saw Merkel’s refugee stance as cause for her to resign” (The Local De, January 29, 2016). “Passions have been inflamed since New Year’s Eve, when men from within a 1,000-strong mostly Arab and North African crowd groped, robbed and in two reported cases raped women in mob violence in the western city of Cologne that shocked the nation. Police failed to control the chaos, then tried to pretend it didn’t happen. More than 700 criminal complaints have been filed. Heads have rolled, and politicians have pledged a law, order and deportation crackdown” (Agence France-Presse, January 21, 2016).

German citizens and other Europeans are increasingly concerned that politicians are not taking seriously the migrants who many believe are waging religious war against European citizens. Bible prophecy makes it clear that a strong man will come out of Europe with intrigue, being seen as a deliverer of the people—rising against a king from the South who is seeking to destroy the northern kingdom (Daniel 11:21-28). Pushed to war, this northern king will come as a “whirlwind” against the southern kingdom and destroy it without remorse (v. 40). Will the current handling of the crisis lead to the rise of this coming strongman? Only time will tell. To study the deeper truth behind this subject, read our article “Growth of a Strongman: Germany Rising Again!