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Wooing Another Daughter

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The Roman Pope has been working hard to reach out to and welcome the return of Protestant denominations to the Catholic fold. “Pope Francis and Dr. Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, jointly presided at a Vespers service on October 5, and signed a statement affirming their commitment to ecumenical progress. At the ecumenical service, Pope Francis called upon all bishops—Catholic and Anglican alike—to ‘work as instruments of communion, always and everywhere… We recognize ourselves as brothers who belong to different traditions, but are driven by the same Gospel to undertake the same mission in the world’” (Catholic World News, October 5, 2016). “During the service the two prelates signed a joint statement, affirming: ‘Catholics and Anglicans recognize that we are heirs of the treasure of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the call to share that treasure with the whole world’” (ibid.).

The Bible has long foretold that a “mother” church (Revelation 17:3-5) will re-gather her children around her at the end of the age (Isaiah 47:7-8). Although the Catholic church’s “Protestant daughters” broke away hundreds of years ago, history shows they took many of her teachings with them. For more insight into this timely subject, read our eye-opening booklet Satan’s Counterfeit Christianity.