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DNA Sale!

As the end of the age draws closer, real life seems to blur with science fiction. Today’s realities are becoming scenes out of a dystopian movie or political espionage novel. The last two decades have witnessed monumental advances in the field of genetics. Scientists are learning how to turn genes on and off and how to program organisms in the language of genetics. In their work, some scientists buy and sell the genetic sequences of various bacteria and viruses.

The Wrestling Match That Changed History

Wrestling is a fascinating sport involving physical strength, skill, and tenacity as combatants strive to “pin” their opponents. Professional wrestling has enjoyed popularity for generations, and it garnered $748 million dollars in revenue in 2021. This form of wrestling has been considered entertainment rather than a sport because of the sometimes-bizarre personas of the participants and the pitting of “good guys” against “villains” in carefully choreographed matches.

The Deception Behind Political Correctness

When did political correctness begin? And why do we have it? Who’s behind it? And, where is it leading us? Is it humorous, harmless, or hurtful? And should we fall in line with the ever-changing language landscape referred to as P.C.?

Gender-Affirming Therapies Are Ineffective and Unnecessary

The transgender movement is heavily backed by politicians, the media, and an aggressive collection of activists. Promoters claim that so-called “gender-affirming therapy” saves lives and makes people happier. However, a growing body of research suggests just the opposite. While European nations are moving away from such therapies for children and youth, America pushes ahead, ignoring research that does not agree with the current political and ideological trends.

China’s Military Potential

The Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) of the U.S. Department of Defense, is a repository for military engineering and research information. In 1998, the DTIC published a report titled “China’s Military Potential.” In the data-based report, Colonel Larry Wortzel postulated about China’s ability to “build a credible military force in the 21st century.” While the report may be more than 25 years old, some of its findings and estimates are sobering in light of the Bible’s descriptions of our future.