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A little bird told me

Every news source has been covering the hot topic of the WikiLeaks exposure of government secrets. The leaks of diplomatic cables are of unflattering and insulting statements about leaders and politicians of other nations. The diplomatic face of the United States government is now blushing in embarrassment and fumbling for words to try to control the damage.

Why does our nation continue to trip and fall in front of the other nations of the world? Why did this happen?

A fool's hire

Each day, our news sources bring us more sobering reports about the crushing level of unemployment in the United States of America.  It is much the same in the United Kingdom and in much of the European Union.  With each report, the stock markets in the various countries react negatively, as the confidence of investors is shaken once again.

Liberal judge's backlash

Three weeks ago, on a Saturday night, I attended a "special" public forum on the campus of William Penn University in Oskaloosa, Iowa, where the main speaker for the evening was the former Supreme Court Justice of Alabama, the honorable Roy Stewart Moore.

Justice Moore, as you might remember, was removed from his office as Supreme Court Chief Justice on November 13, 2003 because of his refusal to remove a monument of the Ten Commandments from the state courthouse despite orders to do so from a federal judge. It became a national story in 2003.

Familiar Terms

Words can be powerful things. With so many similar words to choose from—especially in the English language—I am often amazed at how the use of a particular word or phrase in just the right situation can stop a reader right in his or her tracks. Perhaps this has happened to you. You read a certain line and are so struck by it that you have to pause and consider what it means for you.

Health hazard in the Gulf

The recent oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico has the attention of the public as few events in recent history. Many are concerned about the current and long-term effects of the oil spill.

Environmental fears may be justified in the ensuing weeks, ranging from the destruction of coastal wetlands and beaches to contamination of the amazing variety of their wildlife inhabitants. Fuel prices will inevitably rise, with the narrowing of offshore drilling for oil, further weakening the tenuous western economy.