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Woman to Woman

A Pretty Good Accomplishment

  1. 24th July 2013
  2. Marci Walton

Being age 63 is a good place, and actually a pretty good accomplishment just in itself. When you reach that point in years, you will have been through a lot of life’s experiences and traveled many roads to get to your destination. If you have had children, you have raised them and may be enjoying visits with your grandchildren and know the joy of being a...


Teach Your Children

  1. 26th June 2013
  2. Glory Talbott

What is the most important responsibility a mother has in shaping and nurturing her growing children? Certainly, kids need shelter, food, love, and stability. We can think of many physical comforts that will help our children to thrive. However, a Christian mother needs to consider her children’s spiritual growth even more than their physical growth.


Making the Sabbath a Delight

  1. 29th May 2013
  2. Janth B. English

The world is a very hectic place. There are work schedules, school schedules, long commutes, after school activities, and play dates besides the routine activities of running a home. If we are not careful, we can “crash and burn” into the Sabbath and not get the full benefit that God intended. As the ladies of the house, we as wives and mothers can do a lot to...


Women of Influence

  1. 01st May 2013
  2. Laurel Meyer

When I was growing up, our family ate most of our evening meals in a small breakfast nook off of the kitchen. Special family dinners were eaten in the formal dining room. Afterwards, Mother and I would clean up. As we worked together, we discussed a variety of profound subjects. Social, school, family, religious, political and moral issues, those especially of...


“It's OK To Be a Mom”

  1. 03rd April 2013
  2. Jeanine Smith

When I was in sixth grade, I remember the teacher going around the room asking all the students what they wanted to be when they grew up. When it came my turn, I stood up and proudly said I wanted to be a mom and rear my children. I do not remember exactly what the teacher said. All I remember is the impression I got from her that I should "aim a little higher."


Biblical Hospitality

  1. 06th March 2013
  2. Shirley Young (1938-2014)

Many years ago during World War I, my grandfather who was with the Royal Engineers, was sent to Palestine to help build a bridge over the River Jordan. During his time there he lived with a family in Jordan (then known as Trans Jordan). He mentioned that they were so hospitable that they treated him as though he were their own son.


Communicate Your Love

  1. 06th February 2013
  2. Dorothea Kruger

I recently had a visit from a young lady who attends my local church congregation, and we talked for a while. During our conversation, she shared that she did not remember her father ever telling her he loved her. I immediately had a flashback to when I was growing up. I could relate, because my family did not hug each other or express love.


Music That Is Special

  1. 09th January 2013
  2. Laurel Meyer

From my earliest childhood remembrances, music filled our home. My mother was an accomplished pianist who began to play the piano at about six years of age. As her talent developed, her practice sessions increased to two, three and four hours a day. By age 13, she was tutored at the local college conservatory of music and gave public recitals; and, she caught...


Living the "Give" Way

  1. 12th December 2012
  2. Janth B. English

When I first began attending God's Church in the early 1970s, a woman who seemed old to me at the time "adopted" me and took me under her wing. She was a most remarkable woman. She was married at 17, but when she learned God's truth years later, her husband gave her a choice: their marriage or the Church. At a time when women did not strike out on their own, she...


Food and Fellowship

  1. 21st November 2012
  2. Laurel Meyer

My family went through hard economic times in 1971. My father lost his job as a pharmaceutical salesman due to a company merger and he was unemployed for quite a while. As a result, finances were very tight, so our family of six no longer enjoyed many of the niceties to which we were accustomed. Mother was determined to save money.