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Editorial Staff

Letters to the Editor

Just a few words to express how grateful I am for the booklet about Successful Parenting: God’s Way. This booklet is one of the best you ever sent. It is so encouraging, casting light on such dear relationships, and lovingly written. I am really grateful for the material you have been sending through the years. By this you have made a difference in my life and hopefully to the very end. My very best wishes to you.

H. L., Copenhagen, Denmark

Letters to the Editor

Thanks so much for your programming and literature. I enjoy learning more about God, Jesus and the Bible. I learn something new each time I watch or read your information. I also like how you use the Bible to teach us and show us. 

S.R., Weyers Cave, VA

Letters to the Editor

I truly enjoy your magazines, booklets, television program and Web site. My husband and I are in our 70s, and we know the seventh-day Sabbath is the true day of worship, and we honor that. I love all your literature, as I know it is the truth, and I check all the Bible passages in my King James Bible. Thank you again for your love in giving me all your information, as I love reading the truth of God’s word.

K. T., Atlantic, IA

Letters to the Editor

Thank you for the July-August 2013 magazine with the cover article, “Your Glorious Destiny Beyond Death.” I immediately sat down to read it because I disagree with the same-sex marriages, and I’m so appalled that others have changed their minds to agree with them. God bless you all. Keep up the good work for God. May He continually bless you all with strength, courage and health in doing His Work. I’ve enjoyed all magazines that you sent to me.

P. P., Chicago, IL