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I just read your article about racism in America ("Racism in America: A Thing of the Past?", January-February 2009), and I was pleasantly surprised by the truthfulness, fairness and thoughtfulness of this article. Our individual beliefs on race and politics are the "little gods" that we like to hold on to forever. When I saw the title of this article, I just knew it would be slanted. Not from malice but because that subject can be strongly affected by what I call the "little gods we keep syndrome". But it was not! Including the section called "What Constitutes Racism." I know of some who think racism is only of those who have the power to enforce an outcome. Not that they don't believe racism can't happen in reverse but without the power to affect an outcome, it is of little consequence. But this article pointed out how God looks at it. Thanks.

B. C., Indianapolis, IN

You know what? I wish to say thank you. I say thank you because when I walked into the post office yesterday I could not believe what I found after opening the box. I say thank you because I found my request, Successful Parenting: God's Way, read it and the message is so relevant to me being a young parent and a teacher, Believe me, this booklet will help many Kenyan parents. I say thank you for the good work and please keep on.

R. N., Nairobi, Kenya

I stumbled across your Web site and began to read different booklets. After each and every booklet, I have become more inspired. I had always thought and had been taught that being a good person and following the "Golden Rule" was enough. Little did I know or even expect to learn how wrong I have been. I have continued to read one or more booklet[s] per day. I have ordered several as well as your Bible Study Course. The more I read and learn, the more I want to read and learn. I want to pass on this great feeling I am enjoying onto others, but I believe to best do this I must leave behind my ignorance and enter into knowledge. I just wanted to thank you and tell you how much your booklets have affected me over these last few days.

M. F., Cluster Spring, VA

Thank you so much for your amazing teachings. I have learned more of the Bible and God's wonderful plan in the last three months than I have in the last 30 years from my church.

L. K., Burlington, KY

I have been receiving Tomorrow's World magazine for years, and I must say I have learned more about the word of God with more understanding than ever before. I have also learned more of history than in all my years attending school. Thank you very much!

N. G., Jamaica, NY

Since I've received the Tomorrow's World Bible Study Course, I've really enjoyed reading my Bible. I don't believe I've ever had a desire to read it like I do now. The Bible Study Course has opened my eyes to the Truth of the Bible, and I eagerly await to learn more. Thank you for offering it freely. It means a lot to me and I am sure it does to many others.

P. M., Douglas, GA

Your article on "A Return to Rome?" (November-December 2008) just amazed me! Never did I think that scripture would refer to the Protestant Reformation! As I read it, I was preparing to go to sleep. The article put me back on my feet in a big hurry!

A. G., Winona, MN


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