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As a Tomorrow's World subscriber, a Bible Study Course student and an avid reader of many of your booklets, I am almost lost for words when I say how infinitely grateful I am. Firstly, to God and Jesus Christ and also to you for the work you are doing. Not only that, I personally feel a keen sense of duty to put into daily practice all that I have learned. For the sake of us all, please keep up the good work always.

J. S., Malaga, Spain

"And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free" (John 8:32). To study the scriptures, using the right keys provided, helps me to understand the real truth about God's word, who God really is and what God really stands for. It has been a great blessing to me. Thank you for the Bible Study Course. I am looking forward to my next lesson.

D. A., Niagara Falls, ON

I cannot believe any time was wasted on The DaVinci Code. The book is a piece of fiction. If the religious world would have turned their back on it without any comment, it would not have had the effect it did. Personally, I think the religious world wanted the controversy. Having said that, I'm sure my letter won't be published. It makes me sick all this attention over a piece of fiction!

S. W., Lansing, KS

My husband and I have been receiving your magazines for quite some time now. There is so much information in them that I am never finished with any one in particular. I read and re-read and still have not digested the information contained in them. I do not view God nor my creation as simply an accident but everything with a purpose. I do not like the world's view and constant attempts at putting God in a box. I feel that every time I read your publications that I am in some way tearing the tape off of the box that God has been ever so neatly tucked in during my spiritual education. Thank you for your courage and continued work in spreading the message of the one and only gospel. You are making a difference.

B. M., Fredericton, NB, Canada

Thank you for writing your booklet The Ten Commandments, and letting me know the truth about God's laws. It's great to hear that the Ten Commandment's are not abolished. My pastor said that the Ten Commandments were nailed to the cross, but I believed that to be false. As I study God's word, I see there are a number of things taught by pastors today that are false doctrines, and the majority of pastors have not even bothered to research these things for themselves.

R. L., Steger, IL

I am writing to let you know how much I have enjoyed all of your magazines, booklets, and most of all the Bible Study Course. All have been such an eye-opener. I have never learned as much in 38 years as I have in the few months I have been studying this course. May God continue to bless this ministry, and may others hearing your programs come to you curious as I was and be blessed as I have been. The best thing happened to me a few weeks ago. My mother came to me and said, "You have changed!" You see, it is one thing to know the truth and do nothing about it, but another to know the truth and show it by your presence.

K. T., Shreveport, LA

I am so happy for this opportunity to request that you remove me from your mailing list. It never fails to boggle my mind how your kind loves to spread paranoia while casting stones at every single human being who does not meet your perfect criteria. Please, oh please, remove me from your mailing list.

R. R., Sacramento, CA


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