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I recently received a copy of your magazine Tomorrow's World. The magazine was presented to me because of the cover title, "Racism in America: A Thing of the Past? "(January-February 2009). In reading your article, I found that your research was exceptionally well written. The historical scope reflected accuracy and illuminated myths that I believe many Christians hold. Your statement that racism is a moral issue is one with which I particularly agree. I appreciate your bold approach to such a 'taboo' subject in the Christian church.

M. B., Bradenton, FL

I recently received two booklets I ordered for free, I am very grateful. I found them to be very good. I am a young parent, newly married, and am so happy for the pointers on how to have a successful marriage. It is a fact that no road is easy, but it helps to have a torch at hand, to light up in those dark areas. Having been advised, I now look to the future, ready to meet the coming challenges.

K. K., Gweru, Zimbabwe

In your article, "Satan and His Demons," (May-June 2009), I did not understand what you were saying finally happens to Satan. Could you please clarify?

A. C., Mississauga, ON, Canada

Editor's Note: The Revelation 20:10 reference in the article describes the very end of Satan's ability to influence human beings. Following the Revelation 17:14 events occurring at the end of this age, Satan will be bound throughout the Millennium, but he will be released for a brief time after its end. After stirring up rebellious humans, he will be thrown into the Lake of Fire, never again to trouble others.

I have been following along these past years, as I look on from Germany at the USA and its role as the Great Empire in the world today. When I read "between the lines" I can easily understand how the next step can be predicted. The people of my village praise Jesus and Mary with one set of rules. Yet, they will recognize things like Easter and go nutty over Christmas. Right now, as I write this e-mail they celebrate "Fasching." I guess that's the translation for the Mardi Gras that the Southerners in America like to celebrate. I have since stopped celebrating these "holidays." I will continue to read your magazine, and I like your website too.

S. S., Kumhausen, Germany

I have received your March-April issue of Tomorrow's World magazine and am elated at the teaching it contains. Please never stop doing what you are doing. We need you! When people like you teach and preach the uncompromised truth it encourages me to know that there are believers out there like you people who truly stand by every word of God to the best of their ability and teach others to do so. I have been receiving your magazine for quite a while and there is always at least one article that grips me with riveting information that is much appreciated and builds my faith and understanding. Please know that there are believers out here that support what you are doing, God bless all of you.

F. T., Richmond Victoria, Australia

I love you folks so much because you have such a wonderful magazine that plainly tells the truth about God's word. I finished reading the article "The Sign of Jonah" (March-April 2009)—and how "right on" it is! If only folks would read their Bible, they would see the truth.

S. A., Woodbridge, VA

I always see my brother reading these booklets, the topics of which always seem interesting, so one day I asked my brother to give one to me, Which Day Is the Christian Sabbath? Honestly, I sometimes find myself doing things on the Sabbath that did not have anything to do with God. I was so ashamed, but I was glad I got in contact with that booklet. So that is why I chose to get my own! Thanks, and keep up the good work!

J. R., Westmoreland, PA


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