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For the several booklets I have already received in recent weeks, I am indeed grateful. In a short space of time I have learned more than I learned from the sermons I have listened to during my many years of church attendance.

E. M., Hamilton, New Zealand

I found your Web site by accident... but it was not by accident, because I am trying to seek the Kingdom of God for the first time in my life and I realize that keeping the Ten Commandments is essential to my faith. It is such an awesome Web site, and I thank all of you who are responsible for it.

L. W., Northridge, CA

I have enjoyed the booklets you have sent. They are very informative and sometimes scary because of the times that we live in. I enjoy your magazine because I have reread it a few times. The booklet The United States and Great Britain in Prophecy is very informative, and I wonder how many people are aware what is going on around them.

R. S., Tulsa, OK

I am now studying the booklet Revelation: The Mystery Unveiled! I am 74 years old and have been to church a lot in my life, but have never had the teaching about Revelation that this book has given. I am so grateful for this book and the peace of mind this new knowledge has given me. I am continuing to study. I want to know the real truth.

Y. H., Wilmington, NC

Thank you for the magazines, the many booklets and the Bible Study Course you have sent me. These have been of immense help in understanding the Bible. They have unlocked many passages that I wondered about. Also, I've wondered for a long time why the United States was not mentioned for the end-time. Your message has cleared this up for me. Thank you so much. Keep up the good work.

R. T., Jasper, AR

Since I have been reading your literature and using the Bible Study Course in conjunction with the Holy Bible, I can honestly say that I have a very good understanding of what things mean. As you are aware, people today don't use the same language as in the Holy Bible, but your literature puts it in plain everyday English so that we can understand what's happening in the world today as related to the Holy Scriptures. You have changed my way of thinking and my way of living.

D. R., Belton, TX

I no longer feel alone! Many years ago, I left the church I was raised in, knowing deep in my heart that the Truth was not contained therein. At the time, I believed that I would find utopia in one of the Protestant churches. I tried them all and none taught the Truth of Jesus Christ. After reading many of the pamphlets online from Tomorrow's World, I am elated beyond words! I want to learn more, and more, and more! I want to know what I should be doing right now, and tomorrow, and every tomorrow. I will continue to read more of the pamphlets, along with intense study of God's word, the Bible.

C. P., Linwood, NJ

I just received the November-December 2007 issue, and was so comforted by the truth of God's word. Yes, I am bold enough to obey God's truth regardless of what family or friends may say. To read the "Christmas: Harmful to Children?" article really puts it on the line. I have been guilty of teaching it to my children. Now I have grandchildren and am not making the same mistake. I cannot tell you how treasured the issues of Tomorrow's World are to me.

T. S., New Port Richey, FL


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