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John H. Ogwyn (1949–2005)

The Economics of Greed

The Western nations have enjoyed unparalleled prosperity in recent years. High finance has become the engine of economic growth for hundreds of millions who live with luxuries once unheard of. Yet the Bible warns that such prosperity may come at a heavy price.

James, the Brother of Jesus

Archaeologists in Israel recently announced that they had found the burial box of Jesus' brother James. Who was James? What do we know about his life and his teachings—and their importance for Christians today? The answer may surprise you!

From Closet to Mainstream: The Homosexual Agenda

Homosexual activists have won wide acceptance for practices considered deviant just decades ago. What does the Bible say will happen to a society that abandons God's standard of morality? Can homosexuals find true happiness beyond the false promises of the "gay" agenda?

What Do You Mean -"Born Again"?

Many who consider themselves "born again" have never really understood what the Bible teaches about this important subject. Is "born again" an event, a process, or something far more profound than most professing Christians can even imagine?

Understanding The Resurrections

Most "religious" people believe in some form of heaven and hell as reward or punishment for human beings. Does this mean that everyone reared in the "wrong religion" will spend eternity in hell? The Bible gives a surprising—and reassuring—answer to this question.