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Richard F. Ames

The Coming One-World Government!

Since the Tower of Babel, many have tried and failed to establish a single, global government. Yet the Bible prophesies that one-world government is coming!

Surviving Stress

We all experience stress.  We need to reverse the causes of mental health problems and unhappiness! Just how can we cope with serious stress and every-day stress? Health experts can give us strategies for coping with stress. And your Bible also emphasizes powerful ways to overcome fears, frustration, anxiety and stress.  In this program, we reveal seven ways to survive stress.

Hope of the Dead!

We’ve all lost loved ones and friends to death.  We mourn their loss and honor their memory.  Will they ever live again? Atheists believe there is no future for the dead. Some religious people believe that they may be reincarnated in a dog or a cat. Others believe they have an immortal soul that will either go to heaven or hell when they die. What is the truth? Is there life after death? Is there any hope for the dead?

What is BIBLICAL Christianity?

Have you ever wondered why some people reject Christianity? Some professing Christians teach doctrines that to any thinking person seem totally strange and unreasonable. For example, some teach that even if you never hear the name of Jesus Christ during your lifetime, you will be tormented in hell-fire for eternity! Yet, this is NOT what your Bible teaches! You need to know what your Bible REALLY teaches about the Christianity of Jesus Christ, genuine biblical Christianity!

Stephen Hawking and the Universe

The famous astrophysicist Stephen Hawking died on March 14, 2018 at age 76. His contributions to science and cosmology have pioneered significant developments in understanding our universe. And yet he had a yearning to learn even more about the universe and to “search for a complete unified theory” (A Brief History of Time, 1988, p. 13).