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Richard F. Ames

Holidays or Holy Days?

Everyone loves a holiday. They can give us an opportunity to spend time with relatives and friends we have not seen for a while. Many religions celebrate holy days. And that’s how we came to use the term HOLI-Days. But are many of those religious days really “holy”? Do we really want to celebrate days that have nothing to do with what we claim to believe? Which days should we observe? Holidays or Holy Days? Or both?

The Powerful Privilege of Prayer

Many in our world are focused on matters of privilege and power, yet every one of us possesses the greatest privilege of all: access to the very throne of God in prayer!

The Powerful Privilege of Prayer!

There is a privilege far more valuable than riches, fame, and power, that provides insight into the very purpose of life. That special privilege and freedom is to talk with the Ruler of the Universe. Your Bible reveals the keys to answered prayer. The God of heaven is offering you awesome benefits and blessings. You need to know how you can have those blessings free of charge, through the powerful privilege of prayer.

Are You Thankful?

As millions across the United States prepare to gather around their tables for Thanksgiving Day feasts on this upcoming fourth Thursday in November, we should take a moment to consider the blessings we have received—and the source of those blessings!

Christmas: The Missing Message

Was Jesus’ birth meant to usher in a season of consumer spending and holiday stress? Is there something missing from Christmas traditions that, if understood, would reveal the true meaning of Christ’s coming to the earth? You need to know the truth!