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Richard F. Ames

Questions Evolution Cannot Answer

Does the theory of evolution explain the origin of the amazing variety of life on Earth? Can it account for the intricate processes in the molecular realm of DNA and RNA? Even scientists acknowledge that there are many questions evolution cannot answer. Amazingly, despite the disbelief of atheists and skeptics, your Bible does have the answers!

Overcoming Stress

It seems that every year, we face new stresses because of natural disasters and man-made crises. War, crime, economic turmoil and other troubles challenge us at every turn. In this time of growing world tensions, can we face the future with faith? And can we overcome stress? You need the answer!

Your Glorious Destiny Beyond Death

When you die, will you go straight to heavenly bliss or eternal torment in literal hellfire? What about your "unsaved" relatives, who may never even have heard true Christianity preached? You do not need to fear—God has a wonderful, fair and loving plan to give everyone a chance!

Do You Have Peace of Mind?

How many people find it difficult to cope with everyday stress? Do YOU find it difficult to find peace of mind and tranquility?  With all the stresses and turmoil around the world, how can you overcome anxiety, worry, and apprehension?

Seven Keys to Answered Prayer

Are you receiving answers to your prayers? Do you know what it takes to be sure that your prayers are heard? Your Bible reveals powerful strategies that can revolutionize your prayers!