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Rod King (1949-2019)

From "Brits" to BRICS

Many countries have given their people identifying names. New Zealanders call themselves "Kiwis" while the Australians like to be called "Aussies." And the British? Well they have a stoic name for themselves. They call themselves, "Brits." It carries a certain solid, reliable ring to it.


Among the European royal families there are several variations on the principle, but in England the rules are quite straightforward and dictate that Prince Charles is next in line to be king—despite what the public or the press may say. Only if Charles died first or voluntarily relinquished his right to the throne—a circumstance most consider very unlikely—could William inherit it instead of his father.

London Calling - Mary's Dowry

As in the doctrine of the Assumption, Roman Catholic believers in many nations honour Mary to a degree that makes most Protestants uncomfortable. Yet, unique among all the nations, only the Roman Catholics of England have the concept that their nation is in a special way the "Dowry of Mary."

The Battle for Britain!

Great Britain now carries a national debt of more than £850 billion—a figure forecast to rise to £1.2 trillion in coming years as the nation borrows to keep the economy moving while hoping for a growth-led recovery.


Where did the word "commonwealth" come from? It was first used in England as early as the fifteenth century as two words, "comen weal."