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Rod McNair

Four Prophecies for Germany

Germany’s role is foretold in prophecy.  Germany will lead Europe.  She will rearm.  She will go to war.  God will correct Germany at the return of Christ.  Germany will also repent and rebuild.  Let’s review specific prophecies about end-time Germany.

Satan’s War on the Family

Why is the “family” under attack? For what purpose did God create “family.” What is God trying to teach us through the institution of the family? This telecast explores why God created the family, why Satan wants to destroy it, and how you can enjoy the blessings of a healthy family.

Holidays or Horror-Days?

This year, millions of people will observe Halloween, All Saints Day, All Souls Day and the Day of the Dead. Will you?

Satan's War on the Family

TW Short: Satan's War on the Family

Why Does God Heal?

We know that God can provide divine healing, but do we understand what He is doing when He heals—and why?