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Rod McNair

What Is Prophesied for Germany?

Germany has arguably become the most powerful nation in Europe. Bible prophecy describes Germany’s future and its impact on the world.

The Secret of the Seven Churches

While imprisoned, the Apostle John received a marvelous vision, and he wrote down what he saw in the book we call “Revelation.”  This ancient prophecy contained messages for the Christian Churches of the first century, and for successive eras of the Christian Church down through time, until the return of Jesus Christ. This program reveals the secrets of the seven Churches.

Three Keys to Reaching Your Kids

Raising a family is no small task.  When we grasp the enormity of what we are doing, shaping and molding little minds, it should make us stop to think.  How do I care for this new human being?  What if I don’t know what to do?  Where can I look for answers to raise healthy, successful kids?  Let’s examine three vital principles to successful parenting.

Trade War over Steel and Aluminum?

United States President Donald Trump recently proposed tariffs against steel and aluminum imports. This has raised the prospect of a “trade war” between the U.S. and nations who export steel and aluminum to American markets. What is a trade war? That’s when one nation imposes taxes on certain goods from another country, and—in retaliation—that country slaps punitive taxes on other goods from the offending nation.

Hope for the Next Generation

There is a crisis in the churches of our day.  Young people are leaving in record numbers.  Hundreds of thousands of young adults are giving up on God and Christianity.  Why?  Was this prophesied?  What are the reasons?  What is a true Christian?  And what is true Christianity?