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Roger Meyer

Can You Walk in Jesus' Footsteps?

We have all delightfully and amusedly watched little children trying to learn to walk. They take a few short jerky steps, lose their balance, and plop down on their bottom. We call them toddlers because they have not yet mastered the art of walking. To toddle means to move about with unsteady steps.

How Much Have Eastern Religious Beliefs and Philosophy Affected You?

Due to massive immigration, the West is changing demographically. Europe, America, and the “Anglosphere”—comprised of countries with English as their native language—will soon primarily consist of a diversity of ethnic groups. The West is also changing culturally, philosophically, and religiously.

Beware of Wandering from the Truth

The Bible records the history of the ancient Israelites and their once great nation. This historical account reveals Israel’s religious and moral backsliding as they strayed over time from God’s ways. For generations, God through His prophets urged Israel to return and obey His laws. Is there an important lesson here, which we can apply to New Testament Christians?

We see indeed that Jesus Christ, and the apostles and ministers of His Church, also urge all mankind to turn or return and be reconciled to Him through willing obedience to His teachings.

The Modern Malady of Mockery

Mockery has been around throughout mankind’s history, but in recent times it seems to have become increasingly common to mock competitors, public personalities, and authority figures—and even God, Christ, the Bible, and religion in general. The Bible warns that mockers sit “in the seat of the scornful” (Psalm 1:1).

The Narrow Path

An “ism” is a philosophy, social or political ideology, movement, or religion. The list of philosophies and religions is exhaustive, leaving the distinct impression that mankind is utterly dazed and confused about what life's purpose is, which choices and actions are right and which are wrong, and whether there is a God. What is your "ism?" Whose "ism" is the correct one?