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Roger Meyer

Bloodshed and Perversity—Becoming Normal?

Another school shooting, one of 27 so far in 2022, took place on Tuesday, May 24, in Uvalde, Texas. The public response to it has been the same as to many other similar tragedies in schools, night clubs, and public venues across the nation: heartbreak, anger, cries for action, and an outpouring of thoughts and prayers. But no real solutions ever come for this violence and bloodshed against our fellow human beings.

Bondservant, James Bondservant

British secret agent James Bond, fictional character of novelist Ian Fleming, often introduces himself as “Bond, James Bond.” The writer of the biblical epistle of James introduces himself as, “James, a bondservant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ.” Of course, the two figures could not be more different.

But what is a bondservant, and who are bondservants of God? Are all Christians bondservants?

Pillar Talk

When you talk about pillars, you are talking about support structures. Pillars are often made of wood, stone, or metal, and are used as structural support in a building. A pillar may also refer to something shaped like a pillar or to something that functions in a support role.

Don’t Look Down on the Small Things

It is natural for people to be impressed with big things and disregard small things. However, small and insignificant things may become great. There are many examples, including some in the Bible, that illustrate this truism—that great things often have humble beginnings.

A century-old saying is: “Tall oak trees from little acorns grow.” Indeed, a small seed can grow into a giant tree. From this example alone we should learn the lesson.

Bread: A Biblical Symbol

There are thousands of symbols used in society. A symbol is any kind of mark, character, or picture used to represent or stand for something else. Symbols are very useful to convey information and instruction. The Bible uses many symbols, one very important one of which is bread.

The word bread appears in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, often simply referring to actual bread as a specific food or to food in general. Bread is also a very important and instructive symbol of biblical truth, particularly during this season of the year.