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The Cup of the Lord

Very early in life, we graduate from nursing and baby bottles to a “sippy cup,” and then to a regular cup—although I do see many adults with “sippy cups” of hot coffee. But cups, like many other things in the Bible, are used as metaphors or symbols. A cup may be used as a symbol of intoxication and deception. “Pouring out” a cup may symbolize God’s wrath or punishment being meted out. On the positive side, a cup is also used as a symbol of blessings and salvation.

The Vital Quality of Endurance

We endured 2020 and made it to 2021! People the world over have endured this past year, not only the pandemic but many other hardships and disasters. Endurance certainly is a quality we all could use more of—especially if the year to come is anything like the last!

Seeking God's Face

We humans, made in God’s image, need face-to-face communication and interaction with others. The isolation created by the coronavirus pandemic has taken a toll on all of us. We long to see each other’s faces.

We have had to socially distance ourselves, wear facemasks, and avoid shaking hands to limit transmission of the virus. But human beings were not created to be isolated, but rather to communicate and socially engage with one another. Not doing so is unhealthy.

Are You Worthy?

Worthiness is a subject worthy of study. Something that is worthy has merit or value. If we refer to a person as being worthy, he or she is meritorious, commendable, valuable, or deserving of respect.

The Danger of Itching Ears

Having itching ears is an ancient malady. It is not a disease, per se, but it is a condition, and it can develop unless steps are taken to prevent it. Numerous warnings about it are in the Bible, especially for the latter times in which we are now living.