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Roger Meyer

Beware of the Dogs

Many have seen the warning signs on a fence or door: “Beware of the dog.” Dogs can be vicious and dangerous, even the snippy little “ankle biters.” Did you know that the Bible warns Christians to “beware of dogs”?

Many of us love our furry friends. Dogs are often called “Man’s best friend,” and they are certainly wonderful companions and servants. Dogs serve mankind in many ways, whether as simple companions barking when someone knocks on our door, or as guide dogs, police dogs, rescue dogs, or trackers and detectors of drugs or explosives.

Don't Be a Nicolaitan

Who are the Nicolaitans mentioned in the second chapter of the Book of Revelation? Were they some small, heretical sect that separated from the worldly body of professing Christians during the first and second centuries? Did they die out? Do they exist anywhere today?

Why Do You Sigh?

A sigh is an audible exhalation of breath—a groan, an expression of sadness, grief, yearning, resignation, or frustration. Why do we sigh?

Usually, a negative mood motivates a sigh, though sighs can also be a simple expression of relief. When we have negative emotions, our brain may trigger the release of “sigh neuropeptides” that cause us to sigh. Scientists suggest that a sigh might serve as a “reset button” for the respiratory system.

Your Cities Are Burned With Fire

Many have watched recent news reports of the raging fires destroying communities in California. The number of lives lost, acres burned, homes destroyed, and missing persons climbs day by day. Throughout history, including Biblical history, fire has consumed many cities.

2018 has been a particularly destructive year for fires in California, following several years of record-breaking drought. The extremely dry conditions, coupled with strong Santa Ana winds, are the perfect ingredients for uncontrollable wildfires.

The Power of Thought

Thoughts are powerful. Our thoughts produce words and actions, which bring either positive or negative consequences. Thoughts do have real power, as is demonstrated in the Bible.