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Roger Meyer

Warning: Do Not Over-inflate

“Do not over-inflate” is a common-sense warning found on tires, balls, toys, and boats. It also applies to floating devices, bounce houses, balloons, and nearly anything inflatable. Things over-inflated can burst, ruining the item and potentially causing damage and injury.

Are You Happy?

Are you happy? What makes us happy—truly happy? Many might respond to that question by asking, “Well, how do you define happiness?”

The Big Reveal

A “big reveal” is popular today for expectant parents to reveal the gender of their baby to excited family and friends. Mystery stories and movies also employ a “big reveal” at a crucial time in the story to maintain interest. The Bible also contains very interesting and captivating “big reveals.”

Expectant parents are excited to find out their baby’s gender—boy or a girl. Some parents are very creative in the method they choose to disclose their baby’s gender, but it often involves using the traditional blue for a boy or pink for a girl (and those are the only two genders).

Rushing to Judgment

Many people today are quick to condemn others when they hear or see an accusation, even if proof is lacking. Social media lights up like an electrical storm, filled with hateful and vitriolic comments and horrific threats, including bodily harm and death, toward the accused.

Even some professional journalists prejudge before getting all the facts. Verifying information appears to be less important than being the first to publish and take advantage of sensationalism.

Regrets in Life

By the time we become adults, we have all done things we regret. Some regrets may be from childhood, with the only consequence being our embarrassment when they are humorously recounted at family gatherings. But even minor regrets may make us mentally uncomfortable when called to our remembrance. What is the purpose of regretful feelings?