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Roger Meyer

The Fantasy of Winning the Lottery

I suppose most people have entertained the fantasy of winning the lottery. How about you? What would you do with all of that sudden wealth?

Even children daydream about finding buried treasure, perhaps inspired by a book or a movie such as Treasure Island, or another of the many with that theme.

Compromise—Good Idea, or Bad Idea?

Many extol the virtues of compromise, especially in politics. Some historical compromises were made to avoid conflicts, wars, and loss of life. But, is compromise always a good idea?

One meaning of compromise is an agreement reached by each side making concessions. A compromise about what to have for dinner, or deciding what television program or movie to watch, may be a viable method of reaching an agreement. Likewise, compromise may resolve more serious disagreements in settling legal disputes. These may be cases where compromising is good.

Shofar, So Good

The shofar trumpet mentioned in the Bible was made from a ram’s horn. It was blown by the priests of God for various purposes. Like today’s siren, which makes a loud, attention-getting sound, the blast of the shofar also demanded people’s attention. Those who heeded could say, (pardon the pun), “shofar, so good!” and be saved from serious injury or death.

However, if people heard the warning but failed to take heed, they would suffer the consequences.

What are You Afraid of?

People have all kinds of fears. Even the bravest among us, though they may not like to admit it, have a fear or two lurking in the mind. Whether it be a common one, like the fear of public speaking (Glossophobia), or a quirky one, like the fear of clowns (Coulrophobia), fears are unpleasant. What are you afraid of?

Most of us are able to function normally, maintain a job, have a family, and generally enjoy life despite having things we’re afraid of. But some are paralyzed by their fears and may suffer some degree of incapacitation, unable to live a normal life.

  Originally Published: 09th October 2018

Declinism, or Just Cognitive Bias?

Declinism is the belief that a country or civilization is in decline. Today, many believe that things are indeed getting worse in the world. Is that thinking just so much collective pessimism, or is there really a decline?