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The Sins of Prejudice, Partiality, and Partisanship

The Sins of Prejudice, Partiality, and Partisanship

The Bible shows the difference between unjustified judgment and true discernment.

The Sins of Prejudice, Partiality, and Partisanship

These three words—prejudice, partiality, and partisanship—are related terms that describe a biased and negative mindset and approach towards another person. The usual result is intolerance of and hostility towards that person.

In this context, prejudice is a strong dislike of someone solely based on preconceived notions or assumptions about race, ethnicity, age, sex, religion, or other categories. It can also be a strong preference, favoritism, or showing partiality for someone. Partisanship is one-sided sectarianism or factionalism.

Read It for What It Really Says

Read It for What It Really Says

Do we read what the Bible says, or what we think it says?

People misread things all the time. Instructions say, “Do this,” but people read, “Do that,” because they are distracted, they have their mind on something else, or they simply misread the instruction for what they think it says instead of what it really says.


I purchased my first personal computer (PC) in the early 1980s. It’s hard to believe that was almost forty years ago. I soon learned, and have jokingly declared, that a computer enables us to make mistakes and spread misinformation faster than humanly possible!

The 1980s comprised the explosive decade of the PC. In some ways, this was a great milestone event in the “Information Age,” which is said to have begun around 1975. For me, personally, it began with the advent of the personal computer.

What is Your Fortune and Future?

How can you know the future, particularly your own personal future? Will you find your fortune? Can you look into the future and find out? Is your future already determined?

Many people resort to astrology to try to find out whether the stars, planets, and moon are aligned to bring fortune in their future, whether this or that decision will bring success, or whether they will meet Mister or Miss “Right.”