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Stuart Wachowicz

The Marketing of Greed

We can all desire a commodity, an improvement or achievement, without being driven by greed. Greed is more than desire. It is, as the definition stated, a craving for MORE than one needs. It is often associated with a desire for acquisition, position or recognition at any expense, regardless of whom it may harm. There are some in society who view greed as a positive motivator of Western economic development. Is it possible to determine if our present society has a problem with greed?

There’s a Hole in the Bucket

There’s a Hole in the Bucket

An unusual relationship between an odd orchid and its bee accomplice has much to teach us about whether the world is an accident or the work of a Designer.

The Great Intendant

The Great Intendant

In the history of every successful nation, company, or team, there is at some point a person who provides groundbreaking leadership, making the difference between success and failure and between ordinary and great. This was truly the case in the history of Canada’s earliest development.

The Collapse of World Order

In the 31 years between 1914 and 1945 the world experienced two of the most devastating wars in human history. By the time the guns fell silent in August 1945, more than 77 million lives had been claimed. In addition, tens of millions had been wounded and maimed, many debilitated for life. Millions more were homeless, starving refugees. Great cities such as Warsaw, Kiev, Tokyo and Berlin, and scores of others had been reduced to rubble. In Germany alone 70% of all housing had been destroyed. The apocalyptic team of war, famine, pestilence and disease seemed to have left the world reeling.

The Future of Jerusalem

Jerusalem! Few other words can elicit feelings of hope and peace, and at the same time sentiments of sorrow and heartbreak, or in some cases, anger, vengeance and division. Strange, as the word itself literally means "City of Peace." Why does Jerusalem still impact the affairs and emotions of peoples around the world? And what is in store for its future?