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Stuart Wachowicz

The Truth About Anti-Semitism

Hands cupping a tattered star of David

The history of Jewish persecution reveals more about the war against morals, religion, and godly wisdom than many realize. What is the true, evil root of this persistent hatred against the descendants of Israel—and how does it concern you?

The Four Horsemen

Some want to know the future for the personal advantage it can provide, others seek it out of fear. The world today is full of anxiety. But few stories in history or literature garner as much interest as works that lay claim to predicting the future. The four horsemen of Revelation, also known as the four horsemen of the apocalypse, are one of the greatest subjects of speculation in scripture. Who are these four horsemen?

Covid-19 Reveals a Secret Sin

The Covid-19 pandemic has revealed a significant shortcoming in how the elderly are treated. How should we care for those whose status prevents them from caring for themselves?

Master Craftsman of Sail–The Bluenose and a Lesson in Christian Work Ethic

How can the masterful design behind the iconic Bluenose schooner inspire us to greater accomplishments in our own lives?

The Challenge of Dealing with Depression

Across the world a new plague is eroding health, wealth and happiness in a manner that is more pervasive than most realize. The dark cloud of depression is affecting individuals, young and old, at all levels of society. It is quite possible you or people close to you are affected. There is a way to help overcome the challenge of depression.