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Stuart Wachowicz

Fewer Babies: Population in Decline

In April 2019, Global News reporter Jules Knox filed an article revealing that senior health care is now the fastest growing sector of the British Columbia economy. Even with significantly improved wages, many job vacancies in elder care are still unfilled, leaving seniors not always receiving expected support and attention. Across the nation fewer workers are available to fill jobs of many descriptions. Perhaps you have noticed that there are more and more empty playgrounds. Where have the children gone? Why is this happening? 

Protests: Constructive or Destructive?

Starting in March 2019, thousands of protesters took to the streets of Hong Kong to show their dislike for a law that would allow suspected criminals, who had allegedly committed a crime in mainland China, to be extradited from Hong Kong back to China to face trial. Some demonstrations became violent, with the smashing of shops and vehicles and the throwing of Molotov cocktails and other projectiles at police who were trying restore order. So, are the protests worth the consequence?

COVID-19 Uncovers a Hidden Sin

COVID-19 Uncovers a Hidden Sin

What do God’s laws have to do with protecting the elderly from abuse or neglect? A sad situation has come about where the very services intended to care for the aged do not always work as expected, but the problem goes deeper. In the Fifth Commandment, God tells us to honor our parents, and that respect is the foundation of a lasting society.

Baby Bust: Birth Rate Decline and the Death of Cultures

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How have abortion, the war on traditional family values, and the rise of questionable moral behavior contributed to the shrinking population growth in Western countries—and beyond?

Counterfeit and Cover-up

For centuries rulers and their governments have struggled to prevent counterfeiting of monetary currency. We face an increasing barrage of counterfeit products in our marketplaces. Various consumer products of inferior quality are being sold falsely under prestigious brand names. Counterfeiting represents a major threat to global economic health. But what of ideas? False ideas and rumors not based in truth also can carry with them a terrible cost and hideous consequences. Today it has become common to refer to such as “fake news”. Formerly we called it lies.