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Stuart Wachowicz

The Illuminati: Threat or Mythology

Is there a grand conspiracy to rule the world and covertly place earth’s inhabitants in a state of servitude to a wealthy, power-crazed group of elites? Any who delve into such ideas soon discover tales of the “Illuminati.” The very name sends tremors through those who believe in the existence of this secret society, which is apparently exercising control through powerful members in its bid for global hegemony.  How could such ideas be passionately believed by so many?   Does such a group really exist?  Should you be concerned?

The Lesson of Louisbourg

The Lesson of Louisbourg

The disastrous siege of Louisbourg is a historical example of the consequences of neglect and poor workmanship. How hard are you working to build character that will not fail when put to the test?

Foundations of Western Culture: Joseph

Joseph is one of the most powerful and faithful individuals of whom we have record. His descendants would inherit the lion's share of the blessings promised to Abraham. His is a story of perseverance and virtue and has had a lasting impact on Western Culture.

Foundations of Western Culture: Jacob

The unprecedented attacks on the pillars of Western culture on the part of ill-educated but vocal, and sometimes violent woke movements, seek to discredit the present social order that has been a great blessing and benefit within our borders and to the world at large. In our 3rd part to this series examining the lasting impact of the Biblical patriarchs, we turn our attention to Jacob.

Foundations of Western Culture: Abraham & Isaac

Any information drawn from the Bible is now largely scorned in the secular community, but to understand the roots of our modern Western society, its history, its ethical and moral principles, the content of the Biblical text needs to be known. This video continues to explore the cultural impact of Abraham as well as his son, Isaac.