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Stuart Wachowicz

Do We Have the Right to Die?

In June 2016, the Canadian Parliament passed legislation legalizing a framework that permitted medically assisted dying in Canada. Formerly, any act to assist in the suicide of another, or even counselling a person to end their life, was prohibited under law.  Canada has now joined several other countries in which medically assisted death is allowed, including several U.S. states. Such laws allow or force medical staff to expand their services from assisting the sick to recover, to assisting in the killing of a patient.

Going to Pot!

In the U.S. and Canada, mounting pressure from advocacy groups and media have led to a political movement to decriminalize or legalize marijuana. The Liberal government in Canada has already approved legislation that would see cannabis legal later by the end of 2018. What could possibly be wrong with legalizing a harmless substance and denying criminals a marketplace? Is there something you are not being told? Watch 'Going to Pot!' and find out. The facts will surprise you!

Detecting a Stealthy Enemy

In World War I, the race was on to defeat a deadly enemy who could not be seen.

Marijuana: Is There Any Good Reason to Get High?

 In Part 2 of our series about marijuana, we examine the arguments some make that legalized pot can be beneficial to individuals and society.