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William Bowmer

Islam in History and Prophecy

Islam is the faith of more than a billion people; it is a driving force behind Middle East conflict and a mystery to many. How did it first develop, and how will it affect end-time prophetic events? The Bible provides some startling answers!

Francis I, Malachy and Malachi

With the election of Francis I of Argentina as leader of the world’s 1.2 billion Roman Catholics, questions abound. Will he liberalize his church, perhaps relaxing the celibacy requirement for priests and seeking a greater Vatican role in the political life of Europe and beyond? Will he be the final pontiff before Christ’s return? Was his election in fact predicted by a medieval monk?

Hold Fast to the True Gospel!

In a world where barely one in four people can name all four of the New Testament books known as the “Gospels,” is it any surprise that most people do not understand the true Gospel that Jesus Christ and the Apostles proclaimed? Many accept shallow and false promises contrary to Christ’s message, while some even uphold distorted teachings that in fact deny Christ Himself! So, what is the true Gospel?

9/11/11: Ten Years After Terror

Before the world-changing events of 9/11/2001, Americans’ exposure to terrorism was mostly secondhand—perhaps watching video images of a bombed-out Oklahoma City building in April 1995, or reading newspaper stories of a botched World Trade Center bombing in February 1993. Millions, however, on that momentous Tuesday morning of September 11, were watching live television coverage of one burning skyscraper, when another jet suddenly appeared—and then crashed into the second WTC tower!

The Berlin Wall: 50 Years Later

On August 17, 1961—exactly 50 years ago, this Wednesday—East German laborers laid the first concrete blocks of what would soon be called the "Berlin Wall" The wall, cutting West Berlin off from surrounding East Germany, came to be seen as a symbol of Communist tyranny, and for more than a generation the German people grew used to its troubling presence, separating them from old friends and family and marking a moral and philosophical divide as well as a physical one.